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Accompanied with every autograph purchase

- Box design protects contents

- Locking mechanism snaps firmly fully enclosing contents

- Locking rings aligns and secures contents

- 100% polypropylene (durable and archival safe)

- Sizes offered in 0.5, 1, and 1.5 inches (holds 20 to 60 items)

- Dimensions 11.75 by 10.5 inches

Great for presentation, transportation, protection, and storage

Gray Collections

archival 3-Ring box binders

Create and design a beautiful frame for your item

- Select from a wide variety of different formats:

          - Frames

          - Matting

​          - Images

          - Plaque description​s

​          - Hinge to matting or float items

          - Provenance or documentation holder slips

- Only archival materials are used

​- Ultraviolet light glass is applied (protects items from 99% UV light)

- Performed by a professional with decades of experience

- Pricing begins at $150

Great for presentation, protection, and storage

personalized archival framing


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