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The henry miller collection

of letters, Photographs, and Manuscripts from his works

My Life and Times and Insomnia or the Devil at Large


- Linus Pauling


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- Winston S. Churchill


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We are always interested in acquiring significant archives and collections, and are happy to assist in appraisals and sales of such material.  We work with archives and collections that contain rare books, letters, manuscripts, photographs, works of art, and relics related to American and English Literature, American and World History, Science, and Travel and Exploration.  The list to the right provides a selection of archives and collections we have processed and have appraised and/or sold.

We issue catalogues for archives and collections that we have processed.  Our most recent catalogue, The Henry Miller Collection of Letters, Photographs, and Manuscripts from His Works My Life and Times and Insomnia or the Devil at Large, can be accessed below.  It includes nearly 300 unpublished letters from or related to Henry Miller, over 1,000 photographs of Miller, and over 100 manuscripts for Miller's works.  The catalogue is 114 pages long and contains an extensive amount of images.

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